All commands currently available are listed below!

  • - The hub for all premium purchases, with $ or beans!
  • - Your profile on Cafe, it holds all sorts of useful information.
  • - A list of crates, and the command to open them.
  • - This command creates an account and gives you access to commands.
  • - A common command, it purchases items that provide you with CPS.
  • - Another common command, it purchases upgrades that advance your cafe!
  • - A helpful friend, they generate gems every hour.
  • - Yet another helpful friend, they search for messengers across the globe.
  • - This shows your stats, and other useful information.
  • - A listing of the top players in the community.
  • - Simple. It sends cash to other players!
  • - Reset, but with a bonus that helps you progress. (Prestige)
  • - Redeems rewards that are useful in the game.
  • - Like a users cafe to show your appreciation - get rewards.
  • - Check your cash, tokens, cps, and gems, all in one.
  • - Check some common time based commands and features.
  • - Sets the prefix for the bot on the server.
  • - A list of the amazing people who keep the bot going!
  • - A link to the patreon page, to donate.
  • - Resets your account completely, without any perks.
  • - Lists the stats of the bot - ping, guilds, etc.
  • - Provides an invite link connected to the bot.
  • - Lists your achievements on the bot!
  • - ???