Online Command List

The commands listed below are described without making it hard to understand. Simplified versions of all commands can also be viewed in the help command on Discord. Some commands have been omitted from this list for brevity.

Simple / Beginner Commands

To begin you will need an account, so you should run create. This will get your account setup, and will allow you to login to the website!

Next you should know how to view your profile. Just run profile or cafe! It's that easy. You can even view others profiles by mentioning them.

Now for the good ones - to purchase an upgrade or command, use buy [item] [amount] or upgrade [name] [amount]! Super simple!

Finally to view crates crates [page] and to open some crates - crate [crate name]! And you are all set. And if you want to send funds to a friend, pay [userid/@mention] [amount]!

And.. that's about it for this section!

Advanced Commands

These commands are more for those who have gotten familiar with the basics.

Team/Faction Commands

Teams are a great way to work with a group, while going your separate ways. Only the basic commands are touched on here, so make sure to check out the bots' help menu!

  1. Team - The most basic command, this views the team page, which lists your team message, and other stats.
  2. Team join [invite] - To get started, you should join a team if you don't want to create one. Some teams have public invites too!
  3. Find [page] - This command lists available teams, and their descriptions - it will also show any available invite codes!
  4. Team create [name] - This will create a team with the name specified. Only premium users, or users with a team pass can create a team.
  5. Team sell - This will sell all plants deposited in the team sell bin.
  6. Team rankup - Want cool perks? Trade in some of the teams funds to rankup and earn cool rewards!
  7. Team promote/demote [userid] - This will move members of the team up or down the permissions ladder.
Each team has 3 levels of permission - member, trusted, and moderator. Each can perform different actions. See the ingame help menu for more information!

Gardens like the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. In this case though, gardens power teams.

A few garden commands are listed below, but many are omitted - so check the help menu on the bot!

Views your current growing/planted statistics in 1 menu.
Garden plant [seed]
Plants a seed that will endlessly produce plants for the team!
Garden collect
This will grab all grown plants and move them to your inventory so more can grow! You can do this via the dashboard as well.
Garden deposit
You have to move the plants to your team - and this is how! This moves all plants in your inventory to the team sell bin!

That's about it for the team & garden section! Make sure to read the help menu when you get the chance!

Personal Preferences/Commands

Your personal life is personal, let's keep it that way.

Setting/Command Action
Defaultbuy [amount] Changes the default purchase amount!
Setdescription [description] Updates your profile description. Can also be done via the dashboard!
Togglewelcome [On/Off] Enables/Disables the welcome back message.
Reset Wipes your account completely - this cannot be reversed!
Togglenotif [On/Off] Enables/Disables the developers messages. This may hide updates!

Want something else? Join the community server and request it! There's a good chance it will be added!

That's A Wrap!

Hopefully this list helps you out! As mentioned before, this is not a complete list, but a list of commands most people need more detail on! For the complete list, use the help command.

See you around!